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About the Conference

This conference is all about Empowering YOU

Through gathering, learning, and networking with colleagues
and industry leaders, you’ll move forward with new tools and
ideas for work and home — ready, empowered, and balanced
for business.

Opening speaker Clinton Gary sets the tone of the conference
with his sought-after insights on working collectively towards
success. The Founder and President of CREDO Consulting
LLC, a growth and collaboration consultancy for law and
professional services firms, will share his expertise and best
practices regarding Smarter Collaboration and collaborative
business development.

Day 1 features a panel discussion on Hybrid Work, offering
a balanced and thought-provoking exploration of how
hybrid workplaces impact employee wellness. Participants
will reflect on current and sometimes controversial events
and developments on this issue, as well as recent research.
Within this context, they will consider the perspectives of the
individual, the firm, and how the two points of view interact.

New this year! Due to popular demand, we will offer each of
our three breakout sessions on both days of the conference.
Members can choose and benefit from two out of the three
sessions scheduled, on such varied and timely topics as: Safety
and Inclusion through Communication; the emerging area of
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG); and examining
leadership through the lens of an entrepreneur.

We wind-up the Conference with our closing keynote speaker,
Tanis Frame of the Luminous Leadership Collective. Known for
her fun and engaging presentations, Tanis will offer uplifting
keys to effectively navigate the overwhelm of everyday life
and leadership. She’ll have you thinking about what matters
most to you and provide clarity from your conference
experience to carry forward into your work and life.

More than ever, law firm leaders and staff are striving to
find balance in their lives. Join us for a lineup of powerful
presentations, breakout sessions and an engaging panel
discussion on hybrid work