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Embracing the mindset of an entrepreneur will shift your perspective and help you to step into your personal power. When you think like an entrepreneur, your level of ownership grows, and the focus on your customer’s experience inspires you to approach your work, responsibilities, and relationships in a new way. This mindset encourages you to leverage your unique strengths, talents, and ideas, leading to a greater sense of confidence and satisfaction. By tapping into your entrepreneurial self, you become more proactive, assertive, and willing to take risks to unleash your full potential.

Learning Objectives:

Jane Iannacone

Jane Iannacone is the founder of Jigsaw Performance, a business advisory firm that helps entrepreneurs build the skills and confidence needed to improve business performance, while also realizing the full benefits they dreamed of when going into business for themselves. Jane has advised 100’s of leaders across the country and around the globe from solopreneurs to large global corporations. She is passionate about working with owners of small businesses, who put themselves out there every day and make significant contributions to the world around them. There are many great lessons to be learned from entrepreneurs that we can apply to our personal and professional lives. Jane is excited to share how you can improve your performance by thinking like a client-centric entrepreneur